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Optimize Your Life and Business Goals and Objectives

Our lives today are more active than ever before.  Life and work balance should not be a constant competition.  FreedomGuide Coaching and Consulting helps to bring your life in to focus.  We see the big picture with you and help you maximize your resources so that your life and work are aligned according to your values and priorities.

Launch It Now! 

Entrepreneur Roadmaps Customized Exactly To Your Needs

Entreprenuers do not have to wait until they have everything perfect to launch their business.  Start where you are and build as you go.
Your Launch It! Coach will help you:

  • Assess where you are
  • What resources you are working with
  • What limitations if any
  • Guide you through the Launch It! process customized Just For You
  • Step into your future Now!

Start Your New Business Step By Step Today.  We help you put the pieces together.

Our Specialties

Life Transitions

Military Veteran to Civilian

Leadership and team development and building

“bridges Out of poverty staff and organization training”

new micro – small business entrepreneurship

how to be a consultant instead of an employee in your workplace

And more…….

Coaching Services

Entrepreneurial: sole proprietor, micro and small businesses

Life and family

Christian Faith Based Focused Coaching available for all services

Leadership Development and growth

ReNew Your Life

Career and Career transition

What We Can Do For You

We are a part of YOUR Success Team

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Web Solutions
  • and more…… all with a personal touch


Coaching for the areas of your life that you value most


Business, Leadership, and Relationships


Short, mid-term and long-term coaching and training programs for you teams, departments and organizations

Web, SEO, Marketing

Full Service Web, SEO, Social Media and Print Marketing Services

From Our Founder

Let us help You:

Make Your Own Opportunities

FGCC launched as a career coaching business 10 years ago.  As we’ve worked with clients over the years, I recognized the need for a whole life approach to coaching.  The challenges of everyday life and the reality of life out of balance in a world that demands more of our time than having work and a fulfilling life.  Additionally, as the marketplace perpetually shifts, many displaced  and under-degreed professionals began to become unemployable for positions that used to be non-degree entry level opportunities.  The need for people to make their own marketplaces are on the rise.   FGCC, answers the call for new entrepreneurs and consultants working in partnership with clients to meet these life and economic demands.

FreedomGuide Coaching & Consulting (FGCC) is a solution that serves to fill these personal and professional needs.

Our Vision: TO BE YOUR Personal Team of Coaching and Consulting Professionals providing Executive Level Coaching & Consulting for the Everyday Person.  Working with you, for you to reach your dreams and goals.

We Create Pricing Packages Customized To You

Only pay for the services that you need and want

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