Our Services

Personal and Small Group Life & Career Coaching

Together, we will create a strategic, powerful plan for you to gain clarity, transition your life, find your purpose through a weekly process including, interaction and accountability.

John Maxwell Leadership & Team Development Training

Increase your team’s production and grow as a leader.  We provide customized presentations for your organization or team that will bring cohesiveness to your group. 

Entrepreneur & Micro-Business Coaching & Consulting

We understand the challenges of getting started in business ventures with competing demands for time and resources while still attempting to have a life.

Workshops, Seminars and More.......

In addition to, by appointment in individual and onsite sessions, we offer, face to face online group and training opportunities to fit into your schedule

Life, Family, Social and Life Transition Coaching

Life coaching focus areas:

Life in focus, college education + career focus assessments, career transition mid-career professionals, renew life, Christian Life and Spirit

Get your life back on track

Training, Coaching, Workshops & Seminars

In addition to, by appointment in individual and onsite sessions, we offer, face to face online group and training opportunities to fit into your schedule

Leadership, Team Building, and Business Relationship Consulting & Training

Our Training and Coaching is provided by our John Maxwell Certified Consultant and Coach

Face to Face Online Life Groups

Current and Upcoming Life Groups

NO TRAFFIC! Save money and time by being part of a group 4, 8 or 12 week online group All of our groups are face to face online, not conference calls Computers, laptops, phones or tablets MUST Have video cams to be a participant of groups

Life ReFresh Groups

When life is hectic and you need a minute to catch your breath just for you our Life ReFresh Groups provide a platform for you to get rid of the stress and BREATH.

Launch It!

Many income producing opportunities stop at the idea stage because we believe that we don’t have the resources or the money to start Launch It! groups are for those who want to start a business, but are not sure how to Don’t let Your Dream of Business Ownership Die before you start.  If Not Now, When?

Life In Focus

  • Priorities
  • Responsibilities
  • Competing Demands for your time make things seem BLURRED

“Life In Focus” Groups help you get back on track

Christian Business MasterMind Group

Your Business IS Your Ministry, not that side thing you do This business mastermind group is designed to assist, support and encourage Christian Business Owners as we align our business practices with The Mind of Christ and Love for the people we serve everyday

We are PASSIONATE about helping You get to Your Next…….

A Note from our Founder and C.E.O
Adriennne Fennell, “Coach Treasure” Sr. Coach “As we navigate through life, there are times where we need help to get us over the mountains, beyond the plateau’s and sometimes to help us kick our own butts forward.  These individuals that help us get to our next..faster than we can get there on our own.” As a Coach, “I refuse to be limited by my own intellect, so I have professional coaches for myself as well.  It is a critical reason for the success of others that I do”

Free Complimentary Sessions for Individuals and Families

Book an individual or family complimentary 30 – 45 minute session at No Cost

Business and Non-Profits

Complimentary Consultations available for Micro-Small Business Entrepreneurs and Non-Profit Organizations with a focus on Community Development and Collaboration