About US

F.G.C.C. Exists To Help YOU Get Beyond: “Stuck, Glass Ceilings, & Life’s RUT’s”   So that YOU can Flow Freely “Outside of the Box”

1. Strategic

Personal customization + commitment = Service

We provide our services from a partnership perspective instead of limitations of cookie-cutter processes.  This allows us to “see with you” where you are working to get to and customize our services around you

2. Authentic

Professional + Honest = Service

We believe that as coaches and consultants we become your life journey partners, (Freedom-Guides), for the purpose that you have selected us for.  We take your journey as serious as YOU Do.  This is Personal.

3. Excellent

Focus + Your desired outcome =  Service

Excellence is expressed in who we are not just what we do.  “Excellence is not Perfection, but Real Customer Service, Honesty, Authenticity.”

Get to your destination faster

Improved Outcomes

When you have partners and accountability to help you to stay focused and motivated on your dreams and goals, you get to your destination’s:



Speed to Success Rate Alone


Speed to Success Rate in Collaboration with others



FGCC has over 10 years of coaching, training, project management consulting, entrepreneurial and leadership development experience.  We’ve gained much of our experience working within large corporate and organized non-profit environments, while engaging in multiple entrepreneurial endeavors.  NOW! We choose to share our experience and resources with everyday people that desire personal, career, leadership and entrepreneurial “growth that empowers them to live outside of the box”


  1. Advanced  Level Life
  2. Health & Wellness
  3. Financial DNA
  4. Career Direct Assessments
  5. Department of Labor Veteran’s Employment Transition Trainer
  6. “Bridges Out of Poverty” Trainer, Coach, Consultant
  7. JM Leadership Trainer, Coach, Consultant

While credentials are not required for what we do, we considered it prudent to acquire them because We Care for the people and communities that allow us to serve them

Environmental Experience

  • We are experienced as coaches, trainers and consultants:
  • Working face to face 1 to 1.  We choose not to do phone conferencing sessions.  Face to Face connects people and communities to one another.
  • Small Groups, in small groups people are synergized and empowered by the realization that we are not alone and have accountability to help us kick-our own butts into action
  • Workshops, Seminars, Mastermind Groups, and Series Trainings
  • All will be offered online soon!